Code 9S.H.A.R.E. Meditations

Code 9 S.H.A.R.E. First Responder's meditation series is the first public safety specific meditation series designed exclusively for the First Responder Community. This series is a basic introduction to meditation and guided relaxation and is a perfect opportunity to establish a regular meditation and relaxation practice.

Relaxation is an essential component to restoring an overstimulated nervous system, and in the First Responder careers this is a priority that is commonly overlooked. These meditations are short and easy to follow. They will help you begin your journey back to feeling calm and getting great rest.

The End of Shift Reset - A short, guided meditation to assist you in transitioning from work mode back into "home" life. This simple 5-minute meditation is one of the most powerful and practical wellness tools you can use regularly for balance.

Centered and Calm /Anxiety Buster - Use this short, guided visualization to learn how to effectively manage and reduce your anxiety patterns.

Focus and Concentration Builder - A gentle, coaching meditation that helps the mind to focus and eliminate chatter. This is short and easy to follow meditation helps you to quiet your busy mind.

Relaxation Deep Sleep- A total body guided meditation to help you drift into a deep and healthy sleep. A very effective way to restore your body's natural rest response.

End of Shift Reset - 99 cents

End of Shift Reset - 99 cents

Centered Anxiety Buster - 99 cents

Centered Anxiety Buster - 99 cents

Focus and Concentration Builder - 99 cents

Focus and Concentration Builder

Relaxation Deep Sleep - $1.99

Relaxation Deep Sleep - $1.99 cents

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