Code 9 Training Testimonials

"The Command Staff training is the best I have attended in my 20 year career"
"The Command Staff training should be presented to departments on a regular basis"
"Wish this training was available sooner"
"This training has already changed my life. The information given to me has given me the courage to face my own trauma"
"I have learned valuable tools to help me de-stress"
"Please, please offer future classes"
"The instructors genuinely care! AMAZING!"
"Really wish Command Staff would make this training a priority"
"I learned self worth"
"Great information to learn how to cope with my emotions and feelings"
"The First Responder training helped me to learn new strategies."
"Lee is a very positive and enthusiastic instructor"
"I highly recommend setting other dates for others to attend"
"Lee is very inspirational and well versed in her field"
"The best part for me was learning about my triggers and how to handle them"
"I learned how to better myself and my relationships"
"This training should be presented to the head of our department"
"We covered such difficult topics like anger, self love and creating a safe place to speak about them"
"The best training I have ever attended"
"Fantastic information is an understatement"
"This training is crucial for every family member"
"Learning about triggers really helps me understand what is happening to my husband"
"As a family member I have learned the signs to look our for and how to deal with them"
"The SHARE training made me feel like I was in a safe place"
"The Code 9 team is absolutely amazing. Thank you!"
"The family workshop was transformative"
"Very insightful and empowering"
"This should be mandatory for all First Responders and Families"
"Code 9 created a safe environment"
"The tools I have learned will help me for the rest of my life"
"You are all saving lives"
"Bless you all for your commitment to this"
"I was hesitant to come and now I recommend this to everyone"
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